Ghostland Observatory

On October 6, 2011, we journied to Georgia Theatere in Athens Georgia to catch the experience in Ghostland Observatory. It was a wonderful night with a building anxious, anticipation of what was in store.  A new venue, a new hope, and a most powerful new thrill were all delivered in ways, never perceived, in anyones raw imagination.   Yet, we are the ones who entered Ghostland Observatory.


  The duo out of Texas, Aaron Behrens, lead, and Thomas Turner, drums and synths, came to Georgia and did it their way, proving the legend that proceeds them.  Ghostland Observatory packs a punchy energized throb that convulses through the set.  The crowd finds the same accord, as that of the band, having an electric bounce and sass leaving an indelible impression.  

Aaron Behrens a.k.a. Pocahontas struts around and works the crowd as a seasoned legend.  He's tucked inside a silhouette and caught behind lasers.  The lasers are non-stop, forming and filling all voids, with the same fullness found in the middle of the music provided by The Wizard, Thomas Turner.

You start off grounded to later find yourself elevating and becoming more extended. Their songs and cadence preaches to you the whole time, keeping you lost in a ministry of dance and trance.  The music carries many elements from authentic electro-funk bottoms found in the eighties, layered with dance, and sliding into elctro-pop.  It keeps a drive and cadence that can catch listener lost in an exact beat that although isn't droning, drones the listener.  Aarons wails and anthems float on top with effortless ease and purpose, followed with a soft delay that repeats at the same rhythm as the underlying beat taking you, only deeper, into the Observatory.

Their music also replicates who and what they stand for as a band.  It stands on its own.  It creates its own genre and elicits its own sound.  The band itself runs its own show, from when, where, and how they play.  They are all in all, their own creation from the ground up, without the influences of being caught up in what is commercial.  They are they're own signature through and through.

Their signature is also all over a stage show that is simple yet elegant and haunting yet bright.  It opens a window to a land that only the Wizard and Pocahontas reside.  It is a land that thrusts magic into the night and into the minds of those peering through the window.  What an energized and intense portrait that was painted that Thursday night.  The final brush stroke on the canvas delivering the spellbinding, haunting, but energized rejuvination called Ghostland Observatory.



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The Grid...

Here’s where you can enter a world and ride upon a plane of unnatural existence becoming the only existence, becoming the reality, becoming natural. Daft Punk puts us here with this most riveting chronological musical of the story of Flynn meeting his son on the grid.

This album is one of the cool ones. One of the ones that can fit anywhere. Sit you at peace, and be easy. Yeaaah EE zee. Political, spiritual, familial, and your girlfriend, not to mention. You can also find emanicipation and redemption in this album.

The Top 3 Reasons to Listen to Adele 21

On February 22, 2011, Adele released “21” the follow-up to “19,” her breakthrough debut.  Critics the world over have described “21” as “simply timeless”, “haunting”, “soaring”, “organic”, and “poignant”, and have compared her vocal stylings to artists such as Amy Winehouse and Dusty Springfield,

From the first piano chords into ("I see you drivin' around town with a girl I know.  I'm like F**k You!")  He had us hooked with a curious fascination of what is to come and refreshment in what could be found as vulgar.  Vulgarity being made endearing and with an artist givin' us the truth of the art he wants to do with some juicy goodness. 

On Friday, February 17th, I went to see the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist collective, Joy Scout, perform at Eddie’s Attic. Emily Kate Boyd and Nicki Thrailkill, the heart of Joy Scout, were missing third member Jesse Tyler, but were joined by long time collaborators Will Boos on ukulele, David Stephens on banjo, Paul Warner on lap steel, as well as Will Robertson on bass, who also produced their new album: Vampires at Sea.

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